Wednesday, December 14, 2005

people who aren't as lazy as I am have something to say ...

... about the supposed "War on Christmas."

Merry War On Christmas
Fuck Christmas


andrew said...

'Tis the season... to tell people how ridiculous their festival is!

Seriously it is sickening to see white, rich, middle class xians complain about how they are being persecuted for being xian.

Admittedly there were some christian traditions i think we should return to. Two words: Lions, Coliseum.

elsacapuntas said...

On NPR's Morning Edition today they did a great little spot on the xian outcry against terms like "holiday tree." Apparently the tree, yule log, and several other "christmas" traditions are in fact vestiges of the pagan winter solstice festival xmas ripped off way back in the day.

I will happily decorate my pagan winter solstice tree this year.

andrew said...

I have heard the whole pagan thing as a reason to get a tree and decorate it, but at the end of the day the money still goes into the pockets of the xmas profiteers, kids still grow up seeing it as normal to decorate a tree and xmas persists as a plague o'er all our houses.

Do away with xmas. Get it out of your life. Tell people that you don't celebrate it or mark it in anyway. Really that should please xians, because why would you want some atheist commie getting turkey and presents becasue of jesus's birthday? People who mark xmas but don't believe in the l'il baby b'jeezaz are all burning in hell anyway according to them.