Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saw it!

Liked it. In case you just came in, I'm talking about The Chronicles of Narnia. I didn't just like it, I thought it was pretty close to awesome. It was definitely a better adaptation than the first three Harry Potter films, although I'll concede that the Potter books must have been harder to work with. And really, the christian hoopla is a bit overblown--when I really thought about it I realized that if C.S. Lewis was trying to graft a bit of x-tian propaganda into the story, he did a really crappy job of it (I haven't read the books in years, so I had forgotten a few intricacies). In fact, now that I've been reminded of exactly how the story goes, I could easily see hardcore christians NOT liking this movie because it's really rather pagan--I mean, really, a talking lion as a supreme being?

At any rate, the real test in my opinion is: What did Mr. Pants think? He never read the books, so he had no predisposition to like the movie, plus, there were no zombies in it. He said it was one of the best movies he's seen in a long time. He was a bit trepidatious beforehand that he'd be trapped watching some religious parable, but aftrward he said it was just a really good fantasy story.

Tilda Swinton was absolutely incredible as the White Witch. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, and I want to watch the movie again just to see her. As for Aslan, it seemed that the cg animators couldn't decide if they wanted him to be fierce and noble or cute and cuddly. He sort of gave me the creeps. And Mr. Tumnus the faun was definitely hotter than one would imagine him from reading the books. I predict waves of fanfics that portray him and a teenage Lucy getting it on ...

So if anyone were to ask me, I'd tell them it's a movie well worth seeing, even if they didn't read all the books as a kid.


r4kk4 said...

THANK YOU! for posting this!

d and i are going to see it at a matinee tomorrow and i've been *reeeaaaally* nervous about the story.

i loved the books when i was little too and it's nice that there's even less of the xtian crap in the new movie!

hooray! hooray!

wordnerdy said...

hee! i think you and i agreed on most points, especially tumnus! what a cutie. i've always thought most of the christian allegory is in later books (especially the last one), so i wasn;t too surprised not to really see it in this (but i was still pretty relieved about the whole thing!).