Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Get out!

Holy crap is all I can say ... Dr. Noah Drake is coming back to General Hospital! I might have to look into seeting up a Freevo system, seeing as how the whole wretched day-job thing effectively killed my soap opera habits (I was able to keep the habit going in my early working years because i worked nights at a newspaper).

Which reminds me of one of those memories you're not sure if you want to share ... but oh what the hell, what's the point of having a blog if you don't give people too much information? OK, here it is: in 1982 I saw Rick Springfield live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I could give more info that explains why I was there (Aside from my General Hospital obsession I wasn't really a Rick Springfied fan), bu I'll refrain because, honestly, I enjoyed the concert. So there.

But back to the soaps, i'd still like to see a return of Billy Clyd tuggle to All My Children ...

Tonight's not the night

I really wish I had something more interesting to say at this moment, but I'm drowning in ennui. So here's all you get today: I would have been on your radio/webstream tonight, but Jason! (my "splitter" in 'XDU parlance, a term that always reminds me of Life of Brian), ask if I could swap weeks with him to accomodate a scheduling conflict. yes, I said. So feel free to listen to Jason! tonight from 8-10 Eastern US, 88.7 if you're here, if you're there. Tune in to me next week. Or don't.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mission accomplished

I'm back from Thanksgiving with me mum. I spent a lot of time taking photos--far too many of them, really. I haven't even had a chance to look at them all, so I imagine I'll be uploading my favorites to the Flickr stream bit by bit over the next few days.

Probably the most interesting thing about my trip is that I went all the way from Durham to Myrtle Beach and back without using a single interstate highway. I normally take some non-interstate roads between Lumberton, NC and MB, but this time I decided I wanted nothing at all to do with I-95, because even if there isn't construction or an accident, it's just crazy and I hate it. People drive like idiots on I-95 more than any other interstate I've ever traveled. Besides, it's a more interesting trip off the interstate, although it takes longer.

In case you're interested (and I have one or two road-trip geeks among my friends and acquaintances) here are the routes: I took NC 751 south to US 1. I meant to stay on US 1 until Southern Pines, but I accidentally took US 15-501 a bit early, which resulted in a slight detour--no big deal because I had to eventually take 15-501 to Laurinburg anyway. (At one point, I missed a turn that would have kept me on 15-501 and found myself going into the little town of Carthage, so I decided Lucy and I would have a little walkabout and I'd take a few pics.) So once I got back on course, I picked up US 74 in Laurinburg (according to the signs it will eventually become Interstate 74). Near the little town of Chadbourn, I took NC 410 to Tabor City (Home of the North Carolina Yam Festival), where I picked up US 701, taking it to SC 9 near a little hamlet called Loris. Near North Myrtle Beach I got on SC 31, a brand-new interstate-like highway that zipped me right into Myrtle Beach. The way back was similar, except that I decided to stay on 410 north to a tiny blip on the map called Dublin, NC, where I picked up NC 87. I could have stayed on 87 all the way to Chapel Hill (It becomes one with 15-501 for a long way), but I didn't want to go through Fayetteville because, well who really wants to go through Fayetteville? So I took NC 20 to Raeford, picked up NC 211 to US 1 in Aberdeen. Then I mde the mistake of trying 15-501 for the rest of the way, forgetting about the horrible traffic that always exists between Chapel Hill and Durham (751 is a much better choice).

It's rather pathetic that my choice of routes is the most interesting part of the holiday, isn't it? Oh yeah, I also developed a wicked addiction to the little "Freecell" game that comes as part of the Windows OS. I'm really good at it.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Over the river and through the woods

Tomorrow I'll be heading south to visit my mother in Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. I don't expect to be blogging. I don't expect to have much to blog about when I get back, either. So I'll spend my drive time there and back inventing things ...

Monday, November 21, 2005

Better late than never ....

So like many, I saw Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire Friday., and I meant to blog a review but I got lazy (go away and come back later if you haven't seen it and don't want to know anything at all). I think Georg did a smashing job with his. (One point of disagreemenrt: I like the tragic Weasly coiffures. They work because all the Weasly's probably get quickie kitchen cuts by the harried Mrs. Weasley, who doesn't really care if no one like them.) I would have liked to have seen the house elves and the Dursleys make an appearance because those bits of the previous movies were always entertaining (especially Dobby bashing himself over the head with things.) But this was the first Potter movie in which I didn't feel compelled to keep a running count of things they cut from the book, probably because it just worked so well. It's definitely my favorite of the movies so far.

Now if only JKR would get cracking on Book 7 ...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Only slightly geeky

I'm not really a movie geek, nor am I a computer, sci-fi, anime, multi-player game or gadget geek. But I am somewhat of a Harry Potter geek. Only somewhat--I am not nearly geeky enough to go to a 12:01 am showing of a movie just for the sake of seeing it at the absolute earliest possible moment. So I won't be seeing Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire until Friday afternoon. I will be taking off work early to see it, however, which is a slightly geekuy thing to do. By seeing an early show I'm running the risk that there will be screechy, squawky babies in the audience, but that will just give me an opportunity for another little anti-babies-in-theaters rant, now won't it?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it's that time again ...

Radio (or webstream). Tonight. 8-10 p.m. Eastern US. 88.7 for the locals, for everyone else. Georg is on after me, so at the very least you can tune in to me while your'e waiting for his show to start. or if you prefer reading lists of songs to actually listening to them, my playlist will magically appear here after my show.

In other news, I was feeling invincible after our fantastic agility weekend, so I rushed to get my entry in for a USDAA trial in Fletcher (it's next door to Asheville) on Dec. 3 & 4. I'll probably freeze my ass off, but Lucy always runs really fast when it's cold (maybe she just wants to get it done so she can get back to the big, fat pillow in her cozy little crate ...)

Monday, November 14, 2005

How was I to know?

So this morning my co-workers brought in bagels in belated honor of my birthday (they didn't know if I was going to be in on Thursday so they postponed it). One of the guys from the print shop came up with some questions, and I told him to have a bagel. I had no idea that he had never had one before, so I didn't think to instruct him on the proper way to enjoy a bagel (Cut it open and spread the cream cheese of youir choice on it). He just picked up a whole wheat one and started eating it like a doughnut, hating it immediately. Poor guy will never touch a bagel ever again.

Anyway, I had a fab time at an agility trial this weekend. We got first place in everything we entered. OK, full disclosure: The only other dogs entered in Lucy's height class were either absent or had no intention whatsoever of running the actual agility course. One of them, a cute little Jack Russell terrier, decided that he would rather hide in a tunnel than run the course. His owner had to crawl into the tunnel on his belly to get his dog. So we got first place even on the course where I forgot where I was supposed to go immediately after the first obstacle. Other than that course, our runs were as close to perfect as I can reasonably expect. We came in well under time in all of them, including the jumpers run in which Lucy stopped twice to wag her tail at Mr. Pants, who was capturing the run on video. He later confessed that he had given her a french fry shortly before the run, so she was either saying thanks or asking if he had another one handy.

Today I'm tired and a little sore from all the running around. But I can't wait to do it again.

Friday, November 11, 2005

No work=a good day

I'm in my jam-jams drinking coffee and pondering a day of whatever I feel like doing (which isn't much) because I don't have to work today! Hooray for Veteran's Day!*

My mother called this morning at 7:30 to wish me happy birthday. I said "Thanks, but you know it's really tomorrow, right?" She said "Oh yeah, that's right. I just always think of it as Veteran's Day because your father had that day off work and he kept standing around looking at me like 'Well, aren't you going to go into labor?' " So I learned a new little piece of family folklore: My father had really wanted me to be born on Veteran's Day. Solid evidence that I began my career of disappointing my parents before birth.

*Interesting note about this link: On the right side of the page there is (or was--I don't know how often it changes) a poll that asks "Which of the United States' post-Vietnam military conflicts do you consider the most justified?" It just made me chuckle because implicit in the question is the notion that, well, none of them were really all that justifiable, now were they? But c'mon, surely one or two of them had a shred of justification behind them, right? Help us out here ... which ones?

Of the choices, the one that really blew my mind when it happened was Grenada. I was in college at the time, and the morning after the invasion I dragged my sleepy ass out of bed just in time to wander to my 9 a.m. "History of American Cities" class. The professor walked in and before he could start the lecture some guy raised his hand and said "Can we talk a bit about the US invasion of Grenada?" Most of the rest of the class were sleepyheads like me who hadn't had their daily dose of mass media yet, and we all said "What? Invasion? Grenada?" almost in unison. I was thinking "Grenada, Grenada ... do I know where this place is?" I have since been to Grenada, which is a very lovely place. If you ever go, ask someone to show you the public telephone Gen. Norman Schwartzkopf allegedly used to phone in an airstrike request. the story they tell there is that the Army had no means of communication with the Air Force directly, and so Schwartzkopf had to use a pay phone (a la Dr. Strangelove) to request air support, and the response he got was "What? Invasion? Grenada?" because the whole operation had been so secret. I have no idea if this story is true or if the folks in Grenada just think it's a fun thing to tell tourists.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Beware the beer

So Georg chronicled last night's bowling fun accurately. My scores ranged from respectable (136) to poor (<100). Mr. Pants wiped the floors with the rest of us in the first game by rolling a 223. A great time was had by all and I may have gotten a decent picture or two but I don't have the stamina right now to look.

The reason for this is what happened after bowling. I had partaken of the cheap bowling alley beer, but not to the extent that I expected to suffer any ill effects. But on the way home, I started feeling sort of dizzy and unable to focus my eyes (good thing Mr. pants was driving). It got worse and worse so that when I got into bed I was definitely feeling the spins. I managed to fall asleep until I was awakend a couple of hours later by one of the most horrendous headaches I've had in years. I had to move to the sofa in the hopes that my writhing wouldn't wake up Mr. Pants, but it was too late--I managed to ruin his night's sleep along with my own. Then my stomach joined in the fun so I was ... what's a nice delicate euphemism? Chatting up the porcelain god? Needless to say I stayed home from work today in misery, and the headache finally left at around 2 pm.

I really don't think it was the beer. I drank no more than I would at the average party, which isn't really that much (my upper limit is 3 beers). Perhaps my body, accustomed to finer brews, was rebelling against being forced to consume Anheuser-Busch products. Or maybe I was just due for a monster migraine. Maybe I caught a stomach bug and it came with a headache. At any rate, now my brain associates bowling alley beer with very bad things. It's a pity because without it rolling gutter balls probably isn't as much fun.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Lost weekend ...

Originally uploaded by Mr. Gomez.

Mr. Pants went to the coast this weekend and took some amazing photos.

I stayed home and took photos of rubbish and crazy people.

But there's good news: We have been invited to dress up as elves and march in the Oriental, NC Christmas parade. Aren't you jealous?

Friday, November 04, 2005

Show your love with home-baked cookies

Originally uploaded by KitschKat.

I can't stop giggling. I think I may have to make this my desktop photo at work for a while. There's also a set documenting the whole project.

Hard to believe ...

... or maybe not. But I was very surprised to learn that we are not the owners of the only dog in the world named "Mr. Gomez": Mr. Gomez Leads the Pack.

But our dog's actual real name is "Mr. Bob Gomez." Although he prefers the formality of the courtesy title and his surname, he will allow friends and family to call him "Gomey." (perhaps we were first? I have no idea when the other Mr. Gomez got his name, but ours was named in 1998.)

Until he begins his agility competition, this is the best example I have of my Mr. Gomez in action. (If the clip wont play, click "save this clip" and it just might work.)

Also, just because I love pointless endeavors, I have started a collection of "mrgomez" tagged bookmarks on

Thursday, November 03, 2005

So where was I?

The radio thing went as well as usual last night; playlist lives here.

Way back in September I had written that Town & Country kennel in Apex was going to be housing some of dogs rescued after Hurricane Katrina. Well, the dogs finally chewed their way through the red tape and have arrived. I got a call yesterday from a woman at T&C who said they could use some volunteers (particularly on weekends) and supplies. They have plenty of food because Purina donated it, but she really needs to get her hands on heartworm preventative. They will also need foster homes and adoptive homes, although the adoptions can't be finalized for 90 days to give the dogs more time to be reclaimed by their owners. Anyone interested in helping out can Gmail me (bunchofpants@ etc...).

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

the usual ...

I'll be on the radio/webstream tonight, 8-10 pm Eastern US. Locals: 88.7 FM. The rest of the world:

Oh, and the Halloween drunken candy-giving thingie went well, despite the paucity of trick-or-treaters.

Otherwise, all is boring here in Pantsville.