Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wow, that's really agilitynerdy!

I realize that neither of the regular readers of this little bloggie are into dog agility, which is why I try to keep my chatter about the lovely little sport to a minimum (alas, my idea to create a secondary blog just for agility blather has run up against the hurdle of my incredible laziness). But I've just got to talk about it now to give my old flyball teammate Steve some props for being the nerdiest agility enthusiast I've ever met. He has created a "Jump Box Drill Generator", which deals out 8 jump box practice exercises based on user-defined maneuver preferences. A jump box is four jumps arranged in a box-like pattern, and it's a very good handling skill drill. The last USDAA trial I went to actually featured a jump box as the highest-point obstacle in a Masters snooker course, and I got to watch all kinds of handling disasters unfold. It really pays to practice this stuff. So if you actually know of another agility enthusiast besides me, pass the link along. And thanks, Steve!

In other news, I had a fabulous 3-day weekend, packed equally with exhilarating exercise and blissful laziness.

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wordnerdy said...

i really like reading about the agility stuff! i have watched several programs on animal planet that featured agility trials. it's pretty cool what those dogs can do.