Monday, February 27, 2006

The continuing saga of my continuing sagas ....

1) I did the dog agility trial this weekend. I did the thing where I snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory every time. Lucy and I were really awesome, mostly, and if it weren't for some dumb little thing I did (or in the case me running the wrong course, dumb big thing), we could have easily qualified in every run.

There was one thing Lucy did that wasn't really my fault--the technical agility term for it is "blowing off the handler": She started heading for an off-course jump, so I said "Lucy! Here!" and indicated the correct jump. Lucy stopped, looked back at me, and then turned around and went right on her merry way over the wrong jump. But I immediately understood why: she's a very smart dog and she knows perfectly well that I am not a good enough handler to succeed at the masters level yet. Normally, I do something that causes us to NQ (not qualify), but on that particular run we had been flawess and we only had two jumps to go. She knew she needed to do something quickly to NQ us and keep us in the advanced level a little longer ... "Hey, look, a conveniently placed off-course jump! Mom's always accidentally sending me over these, she'll think it's her fault. Whee!"

The whole weekend was really rather depressing in a fun sort of way.

2) We got our broadband back Friday night. The Verizon people finally figured out how to turn on whatever it is they have to turn on, but then it still didn't work. So Mr. Pants gets on the phone with yet another supportron, who plods through her support script up to the point where all options are exhausted and supportron says "I guess we'll have to send out a technician to your house." Mr. P thought this was ridiculous because we had long established that the problem was not on our end, so he asked the supportron if this made sense to her. She said it's what her little supportron book told her to say. So Mr. P asked for, and got, a supervisor who agreed that sending a technician would be a stupid thing. Why do they make us deal with dull-minded and poorly trained (and probably poorly paid) supportrons when they never actually solve the problem and we always end up going to a supervisor anyway? At any rate, the supervisor deduced that even though they had figured out the seemingly very difficult task of turning our service on, they had neglected the very simple matter of resetting out modem, which is when they send a signal to our modem telling it that vacation is over and it must go back to work. So they did that and, whaddya know, we have our DSL back. Did I ever mention how much Verizon sucks?

3) Went to the dentist today and got some fillings replaced. The ativan really helps with the dentist anxiety, but it makes me useless. I went back to work and drooled into my keyboard for the rest of the day and then when I got home I went straight to bed for about 2 hours. I think I'll head beack there again ... sleeping is really fun.

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