Friday, February 10, 2006

Dispatches from the war on photography

Out of habit, I generally check every day even though the sit started sucking mightily right around the time it went pay-to-play (I won't even bother to turn the reference to their general site into a link, because it's just not worth the effort.) I'm not willing to subsidize their general suckfulness with actual money, so I must watch an advertisment every day to gain access to the site. Most days I usually feel that the admission price wasn't worth it, because the era of Salon being some kind of cutting edge is long gone. But I usually enjoy the weekly "Ask The Pilot" column by Patrick Smith who is, coincidentally enough, and actual airling pilot. This week he wrote about and issue I get really hot-under-the-collar over: attempts to prohibit perfectly legal photography in public places. Smith writes about overzealous airport security guards who try to intimidate people out of taking photos in airports, even though said people are violating no laws or even airport rules. It's worth watching a stupid ad for.

And this is a good junture at which to link onece again to Bert Krages' photographer's rights page. I came across another page about photographer's rights by a guy named Andrew Kantor.


andrew said...

I hear you on the subject of They are barely liberal. I went there one day and the advert on their home page banner was for the tucker carson show. Pur-leez.

Lisa B. said...

I wasn't even thinking of's politics ... I was just thinking of the fact that for the past few years the site is usually a big snore ... it's just not a good read every day like it once was.