Monday, February 13, 2006

Don't frak with me on Monday morning!

Hey kids, here's a little lesson on traffic signs: A stop sign means "stop and yield the right-of-way to oncoming traffic." A stop sign does not mean "You don't have to stop if you think you can beat oncoming traffic into the intersection and claim the right-of-way first." And here's another hint: if you run a stop sign and cause someone with the right-of-way to slam on her brakes, do not then follow her to her parking spot and argue with her that speeding through the stop sign and entering the intersection right in front of her automatically conferred the right-of-way upon you. This will make her feel both threatened and irate. It is a particularly bad idea to harass someone if you happen to be on-duty in your state job, in a state-owned vehicle and in a state-owned parking facility. The object of your harassment might just write down your state license plate number and have a little chat with your supervisor, even if she is generally against the principle of ratting on people.

So yeah, I ratted on a guy today. I feel a bit conflicted about it because ratting is shitty, but he frightened me (in fact I'm planning to go check on my car at lunch to make sure dude hasn't done anything to it.) I told his supervisor that I didn't want this to affect his employment at all, but that somebody needs to tell him not to follow women to their parking spots and harass them after almost causing them to wreck. I said I don't even care about the stop sign part of it--that kind of stuff happens all the time, but dude needs to not scare people, at least while he's on the job.

I think I may start carrying pepper spray, just in case ...

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andrew said...

You did totally the right thing. The guy is a dickhead for thinking that he can follow a woman and yell at her - that is pure and simple assault. More people should rat on crap like that.