Friday, February 24, 2006

Just in case you're wondering ...

Verizon still sucks.

We are well into Day Four of no broadband at Casa de Pants. The people at Verizon support claim to be mystified as to why it has taken so long to re-connect us, as well as why we were disconnected in the first place because, as we suspected, it is not necessary to shut us off completely to reconfigure our service. They have assured Mr. Pants that this is not a normal occurrence when someone downgrades their service, but of course they would say that because they can hardly tell a customer "We just can't seem to get this whole 'connecting things' shit right," now can they? Last night a supportron assured Mr. P that she would call over to the service-reconfiguration drones and order them to fix our connection "by hand"--whatever that means--and that she would "try" to do it withing a "few hours" although of course she couldn't promise us anything ...

Coincidentally, folks can go here and vote for Verizon in Consumerist's Worst-Company competition.

In other news, I have an agility trial this weekend. If you're local and you've got nothing better to do you could go here and watch.

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