Monday, February 06, 2006

Just stuff

I got to work this morning to discover that one portion of our building--the part I happen to work in--is completely without power. Something's busted and the piece they need to fix it with must travel here all the way from Charlotte, so it will not be fixed until this afternoon or tomorrow. I discovered, however, that my computer is on a circuit from the half of the building that does have power. Our network router (OK, I have no idea what it's actually called--it's the thing on a rack in the corner with lots of network cables plugged into it) was without power, so we ran an extension cord to it. So instead of getting a day off like some people who have no computers and no phones, I get to work. Good thing, too, because my entire identity and sense of self worth comes from this wonderful, exciting job of mine.

Meanwhile, one of the divisions in our building--the division that takes itself most seriously--has a generator because they are the people who would be called upon to act like they are helping people in the event of a hurricane or (entirely more likely, of course) a terrorist attack. So they fired the thing up because, you know, it's not hurricane season but we can't let the terrorists catch us with our pants down. The generator is located in a courtyard six stories below my window. Because out building is old and falling apart (literally--there is always plaster dust all over my desk because the walls are crumbling) the windows are leaky and I heave been treated to what smells like diesel fumes all morning. My head feels lighter from all the brain cells that have died and gone to heaven. That's good because from what I've observed, stupid people are generally happier.

But before I become too stupid to care, I'm going to think about sucralose (a.k.a. Splenda). I've become convinced over the past couple of years that avoiding aspartame might not be a bad idea, no matter what the FDA says. Now I'm wondering about whether I should think the same of sucralose. Of course one can google the terms "sucralose" and "safety" and come up with sites that claim it will kill you or at least make you stupid, but so many of those sites are trying to sell me someone's book or shoving pop-up ads in front of me that I can't really take them seriously. Could sucralose be any worse for me than the diesel fumes infiltrating my office?

I gotta go take a walk now ...

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