Thursday, February 16, 2006

What's on the telly? Looks like a penguin.

The evil-yet-crap cable cabal raised our rates again ... Mr. Pants has successfully talked them down before (basically you call them and talk about how you don't really NEED their cable anyway and they start throwing other offers at you.) This time, they took the rates for standard cable up to somewhere around $50 a month, which is just too much for as little TV as we watch. Their counter was to offer us digital cable, with even more channels that we won't watch, for $39.95 a month. Mr. P. said nah, thanks, and took us down to basic cable, which is something like $15 a month.

The part that really surprised, and annoyed, me was that the cable guy had to come into our back yard to make the switch (which also meant that we had to go open the gate for him because we keep it locked). It's just weird to me that they are so lo-tech in this day and age. So basically someone who knew what they were doing could manually override their system ... interesting.

Anyway, I haven't even noticed the difference yet, but I guess I will Friday: I won't be able to watch Battlestar Galactica. There's always iTunes, of course. But I'm already questioning my committment to the show because the last four episodes have seemed a little shark-jumpy to me. It's very strange that the same writers who have brought me some of the best TV I've watched in I don't know how long, have suddenly brought me four episodes of crap. The first episode of the second half of season two was breathtakingly awesome. It ended with (spoiler alert! Go away now if you're waiting for this to come out on DVD) two characters (Commander Adama and Admiral Cain) plotting each others' assasinations. But then the next episode has them both chickening out ... even though it is completely out of character for Cain not to go through with the assasination of Adama. She's the assassinating type (or was, at least). But of course, Adama can't die because he's our main protagonist. In fact, even though from his perspective Cain desperately needs to be assassinated, the writers apparently don't want to make his character do it because assassination is typically thought to be a very bad thing to do. So what do the writers do? They find the most convenient cylon around and have her kill Cain. What a cop-out. I felt ripped off.

Anyway, the following three episodes have been more like soap opera installmants rather than action/sci fi/drama episodes--full of love triangles and people overhearing conversations and other bullshit. I have much more to say about it but I have to go get some painful dental work done now. I'm so nervous I think I'd like to throw up.


andrew said...

We are removing tv completely from our lives when we go for our temporary sojourn in the city. I hardly watch any but Ms. Super does catch a lot of crap so it will be tougher for her. Last year we expanded from basic cable, with its 77 channels of unwatchable crap, to digital cable with over 200 channels of unwatchable crap. You notice the difference between the two?

We cut back down to basic crap last month and subscribed to which allows us to rent via mail up to 4 movies at a time and an unlimited number per month (based on how quickly we receive them, watch 'em and get 'em back in the mail.) It is amazing, if only becasue for $25 you get to watch all those clasic movies they used to show on tv when tv was free. Also you can rent PBS documentaries, so we got Ken Burns' life of Huey P Long last week, plus High Society, King Kong (1931), Hitchcock's Lifeboat, etc etc etc. Zip is wholly Canadian but I am sure there must be an equivalent in the US de la A. Anyway, we hope will keep us going on TV-less nights in the city for 6-12 months

Lisa B. said...

In the US it's Netflix. We resisted subscribing because we wanted to support our local video store guy. But then he discontinued our frequent-renter plan so it would cost us $4 a movie, and we rent way too much to pay that much. So now we Netflix, too.