Sunday, March 19, 2006

Home again, home again, diggity dig

I'm both relieved and sad to be back home. Relieved because we made out flight and don't have to pay the bastards (American Airlines) $1,500 apiece just to complete our journey ... relieved because the animals were all happy and healthy and overjoyed to see us ... sad because vacation is over and I'm not in Ecuador anymore. I love Ecuador. Sure, every now and then one can get stuck somewhere because of political protests, landslides or washed-out roads, but it ends up being worth it. The United States seems so boring in comparison ... everything here looks so cookie-cutter correct and orderly--although we do have a lot less garbage lying around, which is a good thing. I should concentrate on appreciating it here instead of thinking about where I can escape to next ... meanwhile so many of the Ecuadorans I talked to would like nothing better than to escape their country and get to mine.


christa said...

welcome home! and thank you for blogging while you were down there. i would have had no idea what was going on down there with the protests.

htrouser said...

Welcome back! You know, this entry is exactly how I feel when I visit my folks in Canada. Just replace "Ecuador" with "United States". It's uncanny.