Friday, April 21, 2006

Are you there Flying Spaghetti Monster? It's me, pants ...

So I was idly perusing the keywords at statcounter again, checking to see what search terms are bringing poor unfortunate souls to this dreadful destination, and the very first search term listed today is "feeling of impending doom." Yes siree, if you're searching for a feeling of impending doom you're sure to find it here at A Complete Bunch of Pants! In fact, "A Feeling of Impending Doom" would make a fine name for this here blog if I ever decided to change it. So welcome, doom seekers!

(Actually the search term hit comes from the entry I wrote that time I thought I was having a heart attack.)

1 comment:

r4kk4 said...

i get searches for baking and bondage porn, but not at the same time.

(thanks for recommending statcounter, btw! i started using it last week and i luuurve it!)