Friday, April 07, 2006

Comment of the week

Like many web sites, the one maintained by my employer has an e-mail form through which the general public may send in any and all comments they may have. These go to the webmaster, who attempts to route them to the proper people for follow-up. He's not sure what to do with this one, however:
Comments:You keep changing the Nip Cheese,put it back an leave it alone.
You made it ,Cheeser,bad move. Now, you've added peanut butter, another bad move. You've already got peanutbutter crackers. Put the nip cheese back and leave it alone. We've got alance machine in the shop, the nip was a two pack breakfast.
The webmaster is still trying to figure out who's in charge of Nip Cheese around here.

(For those of you who ain't from around here, the commenter is probably talking about Lance Nip Chee snack crackers. They're not just for breakfast anymore.)


andrew said...

Oh sorry - that was me. I was in one of moods.

Esther said...

'Put the Nip Cheese Back' would make an awesome name for an album.