Friday, April 28, 2006

I meant to post this earlier ...

An alert reader, let's call him "Jake," sent me this link ear;lier today because he was too hung over to blog it, and I've touched upon such issues before ... such issues being photographers rights. The Guardian sent one of their peeps out to see if he'd get hassled by secrity for taking photos at certain places London. The answer: Not so much. Which is good, in my opinion, because hassling photographers in the name of "security" is an asswich thing to do. And it pisses me off. The article also had a very handy link for photographers in the UK: The UK Photographers Rights guide.

One a totally different not, I believe I pulled a muscle in my thigh at agility runthroughs tonight. Ow.

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htrouser said...

I think he prefers to be called "El Jake."