Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm starting a di ... er ... lifestyle change

I've been purposefully not writing about you-know-what lately. I still believe now what I've believed all along, it's just that the whole thing gets me really pissed off. Plus it seems to get more weird and hard to keep track of every day. And it brings horrid people with nasty little fatheaded comments to my peaceful little blog.

Instead, I'll wallow in self-absorption.

The other day someone took some photos of me in which I resemble a butterball turkey, i.e., very plump. Excessively so. And I've noticed I have a marked tendency lately to prefer my stretchy, elastic-waist sporty pants (inexplicably, I wear a size small, which makes me wonder: what do actual small people wear?) over jeans or other fixed-width clothing. In fact, in every pair of jeans I own, save the "fat" pair that are supposed to be too big for me, I am remarkably uncomfortable--to the point of crankiness. I have increased the amount of exercise I get, and although I could always get more, I don't think that's the problem. I have just been eating too damn much food. It has made me too big for my britches. I realized I must make a choice: increase the size of my clothing or decrease the size of my body. Since I'm too frugal to do the former, I've decided to do the latter. Ten pounds should do the trick, but I'd like to take off 15.

The "lifestyle change" of my choice is what I'll call "black market weight watchers." It's essentially the WW diet without paying them any money. I still have all the materials for figuring out the "points" for food from way back when I did pay them some money, so now it's just a matter of eating 23 points a day. Not too hard if you know what to eat, and you can save points all week for a bit of indulgence on the weekend. It's easy, and from previous experience I know it works if I actually stick to it.

One thing I'm incorporating is more tofu, which I love (my fave is on the Whole Foods salad bar). Yesterday I was finally able to make tofu with the consistency I like. I sliced it about a half-inch thick, painted a little barbecue sauceon it, and baked it. I just have to remember to use a non-stick pan next time. I'll also experiment with different sauces. I also made an ugly but delicious very low calorie vegetarian jell-o using juice, agar-agar, and strawberries from the Durham Farmers Market. Another fave low-pints thing to eat is baked corn tortillas topped with (low-fat) refried beans and salsa, but can you believe that Harris Teeter doesn't have corn tortillas? Looks like a need to make a trip to Galaxy Foods.

Anyway, here's my new mantra:
nothing tastes as good ...


christa said...

i know this comment won't amount to a hill of refried beans, but you are the LEAST plump person i know. if you can wear a small, you don't have a problem.

still, i understand the feeling and wish you luck. if you ever need a diet commiserater, let me know.

Lisa B. said...

That's sweet of you to say ... unfortunately I won't be wearing a small much longer unless I do something now!! (But I really think I'm more of a "medium" ... size inflation, y'know.

lisa said...

you know, i wonder if you are a different size on top and bottom. many women are afflicted with that condition. that could explain a size small top, but uncomfortable jeans.

anyway, good luck with the " change" :) i know folks over on flickr kinda weren't supportive of your new mantra, so i am here to add my message of support.

Lisa B. said...

Yep, the weight goes on the bottom first. A Czech friend, who wasn't so good with nuance in English, once said "You have a tiny waist and a huuuuge ass!"

But these days even the waist doesn't feel so tiny. Thanks for your support. (The mantra was a joke! Krispy Kremes taste better than being thin!)