Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's what's kicking me butt right now ...

Cordero: En Este Momento. Mr. Pants likes it, too. The whole thing rocks (bilingually!), and by rocks I mean really in a rock 'n' roll kinda way (via la frontera). Track 2, "Heart In Me," is one of those songs I want to listen to over and over again and then put on a mix tape ... er, I mean cd ... because I think everyone else should listen to it as well. Oh, and I guess it would be a good time to tell you that tomorrow night is radio night, 8-10 pm EDT, 88.7 FM if you live in that little sweet spot or maybe you're driving your car from Durham to Chapel Hill or Hillsborough, wxdu.org for everyone else. You bethca there will be a Cordero track mixed in there somewhere ... maybe it'll be track 2.

And speaking of Chapel Hill, I know this is a bit schadenfreude-y, but it's about time someplace besides Durham got some bad press. Not that I'm happy the Apple Chill Festival is being deep-sixed because of the shootings, but just because ... hey look, something bad happened in Chapel Hill and not Durham.

And in case you weren't aware, WXDU beat WXYC in kickball again Sunday, rather narrowly (16-15), and over WXYC's protests that they should be awarded a point made on a third-out kick. Well that wasn't the only thing they protested ... I think we were actually playing their debate team and not the kickball team. At any rate, photos of people standing around and drinking beer in their WXDU kickball shirts can be found here.

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Concerned Citizens of Durham North Carolina said...

Dear Bunch:

I came across your photo of Downtown Durham with the tracks and the water tower. I see that it is for non-commercial use. Is there any chance I could pay a fee and use it commercially? I have a paper called the Durham Community News. The photo would be a great illustration for a lead article about Durham in the next issue.

Let me know.


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