Tuesday, April 11, 2006

the nip is a two pack breakfast

the nip is a two pack breakfast
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Looks like I will be expanding my horizons a bit--I've been invited to participate at a blog called Foodbloggin. I think my food aesthetic will fit in nicely over there. I don't think I'll make "The Nip" my first post there, however ... it may be a two pack breakfast, but even by my standards calling it "food" is a stretch!


andrew said...

A nipcheese in Scottish-English is a miser, a skinflint; someone who only takes small bites at cheese because they are too stingy to buy more.

Lisa B. said...

Ahh, well that may explain why Lance callse them "Nip Chee" instead (either that or fear of litigation from Nabisco, who make "Cheese Nips."