Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Time to talk of pretty things

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Again, still on a respite from talking about the you-know-what case, even though I'm bursting with opinions ...

I had planned to stop at the Raleigh Farmers Market on my way home today because I wanted--no needed--some gerbera daisies (two orange and two yellow) for a container in front of my house. I didn't have my wallet, however, so I would have been able to buy nothing (I discovered it exacly where I thought it would be when I got home). I had already ascertained that the little local garden store near my house didn't have what I wanted, nor did Big Orange Home Improvement Store, but I decided to nip by Big Blue Home Improvement Store on the off chance they had them. Holy crap, I think they have the widest selection of very healthy plants I've ever seen at a big corporate home improvement store. Better than they have had in the past. They definitely kick Big Orange's ass in the plant department. They did indeed have the exact color of gerbera daisies I wanted, plus a few other things to put in my remaining containers.

I also picked up a few perennials, because any time I see something that likes full sun and arid conditions I have to try it in my front yard, which is a harsh and unforgiving wasteland. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if I watered things more often, but I don't like watering much during a drought; I think it's anti-social to pour a lot of water on the ground when the reservoirs are running low. So the rule in my yard is take care of yourself in a drought or die. The rosemary loves it. Other plants, not so much.


Sarah said...

I know what you're saying about not wanting to water during a drought. But I figure that simply not watering my lawn puts me so far ahead of most suburban gardeners, I can go ahead and water my plants without guilt.

Thanks for the tip on the Big Blue store! I normally go to Big Orange because it's closer, but I'll definitely check them out.

lisa said...

i was reasonably impressed with Big Blue this weekend-- after all, they had eyeball plants!

i'm planning on putting in a downspout rain barrel as part of my plan to keep water out of my basement. so even if there's a drought, i can do some guilt-free watering.

if i grow veggies this year, there's no way to get around watering those-- but the barrel will be right next to them.