Friday, May 05, 2006

But what comes with number two?

yeah, I know this is turning into the "I read Consumerist so you don't have to" blog, but before I run off to get a job at Target I had to pass along this link to Target's magical employee-motivation ditty ("I move fast! / I have fun! / Smiling comes with number one!"), which I found, of course, over at the Big C.

In other news, someone in my neighborhood may be interested in giving Mr. Adorable Kitty Cat a home.

And after apprentice-teaching "senior puppy" classes for the past six months, I taught my first one as bona-fide instructor. It went well except that I ran out of time for the planned material because I had to address a lot of potty-training issues (which never really came up before because most dogs are potty-trained by 5 months or so when they get to "senior puppy" level). Ach, I really need to start a "dog blog" because I could really go on and on about this stuff ...

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