Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!

I just rejected my first evil comment, and boy was it fun! See, ever since I first wrote about That-Which-Cannot-Be-Named, This blog has attracted vile comments from disgusting people (This guy "Anonymous" is really busy--and really pissed off!). So I turned on comment moderation. Plus I stopped mentioning certain keywords, so the fuckheads weren't showing up here as often. But I blogged a Washington Post story earlier, and that paper has a tracking function that lists the blogs that link to a given story ... so in short, hello assholes! Don't get too comfortable here, because I'm just waiting for the pokers to get red hot enough to cause great discomfort when I shove them up your rectums. Or would that be recti? Oh, I jest. Stay as long as you like, but your comments are going straight down the pooper. It gave me such glee to flush an asswich comment from good ol' "Anonymous" just now. You should see me--I'm doing the pants dance.


andrew said...

Let's hope they don't read this post, spend a long time writing comments (because even f they are short, that kind of person spends a long time writing even basic sentences) and submit them, only for you to reject them having read the first line.

Lisa B. said...

Oh let's hope they do!

But seriously, I usually read at least two lines before I hit th reject button!

(and as always, if you're someone I know I usually hit "publish" first and then read the whole comment later.)

andrew said...

So now I know to write my homilies on the baby jeesazz in the second paragraph of my comments.

Lisa B. said...

Andrew, I'll publish your comments no matter what! I'd love to hear your homilies on the baby jeesazz!!