Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's the Arockalypse!

Finnish demon-metal monster group Lordi kicks ass and takes names in the Eurovision Song Contest, previously the province of the planet's Celine Dions:

Not that we get to watch the Eurovision here ... and not that I would have wanted to watch it if it didn't feature Finnish demon headbangers who sing about "the day of rockening" ...

Fortunately, it's baseball season, and we do get to see the occasional bench-clearing brawl, such as happened between the Scrubs and the White Sox yesterday. Actually, if it weren't for YouTube we wouldn't even get to see that, having dropped out cable service down to the "Four Shopping Channels And Not Much Else" plan. Fortunately, Game 3 of the Crosstown Classic will be on WGN, which we do get, and since we still feel like crap today we may as well lie on the sofa and watch it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Lordi made my day... I almost fell out of my chair here in the coffee shop with gleeful astonishment at the bat wing effect. They look like mutant Klingons. Rock on!