Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sick bay: Day 2

I stayed home again today. I now know that what I have isn't strep because I wasted an hour and a half of my time and $23.50 worth of co-pay money (when did it go up to $23.50? Bastards) yesterday afternoon to find out. I got really ticked off at the doctors office, too, because although they called me into the little room right on time, took my vitals, swabbed my throat and then asked me to run down my symptoms, they then left me there, in a very uncomfortable chair, for 50 minutes before the PA came to see me. That's right, I waited almost an hour for a physician's assistant--not even a real doctor. Damn, people, hand me a test kit and I can rule out strep on my own in 15 minutes!

But if I had just waited a day I could have ruled out strep without even doing a test, because now the other symptoms have started, i.e. massive mucous production (see, snotty nose is NOT a strep symptom, and I didn't have it yesterday).

At any rate, on the way back from the doctor yesterday I realized I needed some foodstuffs, and the Galaxy Supermarket was closest to my route. I'd been meaning to stop in there sometime to check it out anyway and one of the things I wanted to buy was corn tortillas, which I've discovered they don't sell at stupid Harris Teeter. (Seriously--what the hell is wrong with Harris Teeter?) But Galaxy rocks! Amazing variety of Mexican and Central American foodstuffs! Yuca bread! Frozen arepas with cheese! Strange fruits and vegetables! The cheese case has all those cheeses and creams you only get in restaurants (in fact, many versions of cream: crema hondureƱa, crema salvadoreƱa, crema mexicana ... I wouldn't have any idea what the difference is). If I had felt better I would have spent more time just wandering the aisles looking at things and reading labels. At any rate, it's worth a future visit, most definitely.

And now I think I'll lie around a while. All this being upright is soooo tiring ....


andrew said...

Get well soon. Paying $23 to see a doctor is enough to make anyone sick!

Lisa B. said...

I would have had to pay more but I've met my deductible for this year. Health care for profit sucks. If the whole thing had been free I wouldn't give such a shit about waiting for the PA ... 'cause hey, free health care! (If I hadn't yet met my deductible it would have cost about $40.)

Y'know, a strep test is so easy and basic they could do it at a fast-food style drive-thru window ... wouldn't that be cheaper anyway? Oh yeah, but they probably would be able to make as much PROFIT on it, and that's what health care in the US is all about!

christa said...

feel better soon!

at least rest well knowing *my* co-pay is $35!