Friday, May 05, 2006

Yeah, I'm in a crappy mood, can you tell?

I can only eat soft foods because of my teeth. Make that low-fat/calorie/whatever foods because of the "lifestyle change," through which I've lost a measly 2 lbs. in the first week (yeah, yeah, I know I should be happy about that, but shut up.) My pants still feel tight. I'm hungry. I'm having boiled eggs and cottage cheese for dinner ... ooh, I should stop and get some spinach that I can steam and then run through the blender. Yum.

But what really frosts my shorts is that my boss (who is younger than me) calls us "children." As in "'Bye chldren, have a good weekend." She does it all the time and it pisses me the hell off ... and yet I'm too passive aggressive to do anything but blog about it.

I'm also just fcking overjoyed that I live in a country where consigning humans to "rot" is considered a worthwhile allocation of assets.

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