Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Can't close my eyes and make it go away

"Sunday Bloody Sunday" was the only U2 song I ever liked. No, wait, there was another one I like better ... but not enough to remember the name of it ... or the tune ... but I digress. Here's the new, now version of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" to which all the hip kids are dancing. (Gracias a .:DataWhat?:. por la enlace.)


grace said...

You can't mean that.

The only one you ever liked?

My heart is breaking.

Anyway - that's not what I am here about. Your blog was the first Raleigh blog I ever kinda connected with. You were way ahead of me back then, and considering that I just really discovered the power of Flickr, I see that you are still WAY ahead of me.


Anyway... I dropped in to let you know I still dig your blog very much, and now dig your Flickr pix just as much (I discovered them quite by accident... exploring "ME" tags - and saw your handle... you keep popping up in my world!

Anyway... I am "graceandglib" on Flickr and still at concealedposition.com (have toned it down some b/c - frankly - I am afraid of the thought police... but that's another story.



Lisa B. said...

Why howdy Grace! I love the wedding pix!

Sorry if my lack of U2 love breaks your heart ... I just never really connected with them in a big way. But I just though of the other U2 song I liked: "I Will Follow." (Still like it!)

It's good to hear from you!

andrew said...

That's kind of appropriate considering how much Bono is in love with G.W. Butt as the savior of Africa. Maybe bush's cover version of SBS was hatched when Bono was fellating him at the 54th national prayer breakfast.

Maybe your aversion to U2 was just good foresight for the obnoxious politics that would emerge in Bono in later years.

Lisa B. said...

I'd like to think that I had such wonderful foresight way back when ...