Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hey pants, what are you grooving to?

Well I'm glad you asked: it's Los Super Elegantes. (You can listen to a few of their tracks at their--gaack gaack--myspace page. They allege that they have a new album coming out ... I wonder if I can cajole them into sending a copy to WXDU? It's worth a try.

Speaking of MySpace, I created a page because the only way to contact the band DeVotchka was through that hideous contraption of a web app. Now I keep getting friend requests from women whom I suspect want to be my Russian brides. I just delete them ... I can't be bothered to remember my MySpace password to go read the actual messages, but now I'm thinking maybe I should just go delete my (blank) MySpace page now that I don't need it anymore. However, based on this thing in Consumerist that may not be so easy to do. Bastards.

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