Monday, June 05, 2006

La, la, love you, don't mean maybe ...

I completely heart Michael Pollan. He could write about absolutely anything and I'm sure I would love it. I wish I could say "I've read all his books," but I'm currently number 6 in line on the waiting list to check out his latest, The Omnivore's Dilemma at the Durham County Library. (I know, I know, if I love him so much why don't I support him by paying money for his book? Because I love being frugal even more, and I really, really love the brand-new catalog portal the DCL has installed at their web site. It makes waiting in line for a book so much fun!)

Anywho, Pollan wrote a rocking piece in Sunday's NYT magazine about what Wal-Mart's entry into the organic food business might mean for organic foods. I'll summarize: It's not necessarily a good thing. The price pressures they bring to bear on every other industry are likely to lead to corner cutting and, perhaps, even a future redefinition of "organic" to mean not really so organic anymore.

Then this a.m. the NYT had a link to something else by Pollan called "Attacks on The Food Police"--an entry in his NYT blog, thge existence of which I was unaware before. But b;ast it! The damn thing is part of the "NYT Select" thingie that you have to pay for. I'm too frugal to pay for it. Occasionally these things can be accessed other ways ... so I did a little poking around, to no avail. But I did find a Google cache of a previous Pollan blog entry. Sweet. Now if only Google had a way one could be notified when a new cache shows up ... like a feed one could subscribe to, or something. C'mon Google, you only hire really smart geeks--surely one of them can come up with something.


farlane said...

"Organic is just a word, after all, and its definition now lies in the hands of the federal government, which means it is subject to all the usual political and economic forces at play in Washington."

It's too bad that Pollan is probably right on the money. Coporate entry into the organic industry means that the meaning of "organic" is likely to change as much as the business of farming.

Lisa B. said...

Hi Farlane,

This is yet another occasion in which I'm reminded of that famous quote by Calvin Coolidge or herbert Hoover or some other dead president: "The business of government is business."

Now we're going to have to come up with a whole new word to describe what "organic" used to mean ... I predict that one day "organics" will be used as a generic synonym for "fruits and vegetables."

(aaauuughh ... you blogged that many-headed me! That little collage seems to have taken on a life of its own!)

farlane said...

I think it was Coolidge. Hoover's big quote was "I have no idea what I'm doing here, people."

I think your prediction (sadly) is right.

Sorry about blogging the heads picture - it's really cool though!