Friday, June 02, 2006

My boy really ain't right

Poor Gomey is sick. He's seemed a bit low-key all week, but I just figured he was still recoverinng from a very active weekend. He spent two days frolicking in the Neuse river and then had an agility run on Monday (I think Mr. Pants then took him out to some forest somewhere to run around). On Tuesday both dogs seemed tired, but then on Wednesday when I took them for a nice long walk, Lucy was trotting along normally but Gomey seemed to be really dragging ass.

I knew there was something wrong when yesterday, after I got home from work, Gomey didn't act like a freak. He always acts like a freak when I'm getting his dinner--I usually have to shush him and make him lie down because he wails like a banshee out of sheer excitement. Last night he just stood there. He also hesitated before eating his food. Then when it was time to go out, he just mad a few small noises--usually he's pirouetting and practically bouncing off the walls. I often put him in a down-stay before letting him out to try and enforce some order (It doesn't really help).

This morning he didn't eat all of his breakfast, and he actually chewed the part he did eat (he usually just hoovers it right up without chewing). He's just lying about listlessly--usually he's bugging me to let him outside over and over. So I'm taking off work to get him to the vet. It's funny that the number one symptom is "He's not being a complete pain in the ass." He's sort of acting like a normal seven-year-old dog. Which is not normal. He also seems a little warm--his nose is warm, and his body feels even warmer than normal (which is 102 degrees F for a dog). Poor boy.

Meanwhile Lucy is just lying around like she's been hit by a car, but that's normal for her. She loves her nap time, which is all the time unless we are doing something fun. I wonder how I'd know if she were sick, too (she did try to swoop in and finish Gomey's food this morning, so I know she has an appetite, at least!)

UPDATE: Mr. G is at the vet. I had to leave him for tests. Hi did have a temperature of 104.x, and they called me after the blood tests to ask if they could run a tick-borne illness screening. He's had lots of ticks on him over the past several months (it's been unseasonably warm and I think they like that), and even though we use Frontline it doesn't kill them instantly--only after about 36 hours or so. So it's possible he has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or some such. Right now I'm waiting for them to call so I can go pick him up.


r4kk4 said...

oh no!! i hope gomey's ok!

christa said...

best wishes, gomey!
keep us posted!