Monday, June 19, 2006

Score another one!

gretings from durham, nc

So we were driving somewhere yesterday with my mom ... to American Tobacco, methinks, and she said "I like Durham." So let's put her into the "score" column along with Lisa's pal j. I think Mom liked it even more after we walked around American Tobacco and had dinner there. (Mellow Mushroom, where for once, finally the service didn't absolutely suck. Although to be fair, it only sucked once for me at the Durham location. The previous time was at the Raleigh location when I went with work folks, and it not only sucked but several staff members were extremely rude to us. I definitely won't ever go back to that heinous shithole. For the benefit of the search engines, let me just say raleigh mellow mushroom shithole sucks.)

Mom seemed to really like American Tobacco (I think I'll start referring to is as "AmTob" because I'm lazy like that), as do I to a certain extent. I think they did the rehab really well from a design standpoint, but the result is a tad sterile and soulless. Some people really like sterile and soulless, however--just look at how well the Town of Cary is doing, for example. So American Tobacco would definitely appeal to those types--if the mere thought of Durham didn't scare the bejesus out of them. At any rate, AmTob is a nice place to stroll ... if you don't mind being stared at hard the whole time by big-bellied security guards dressed like state troopers, and it's definitely a great place to take out-of-town guests. I do need to go back to soon to eat at Cafe Zen. It looks yummy.

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