Monday, June 26, 2006

Taking up the slack

Somehow I managed to feel busy over the weekend. Saturday I helped paint Hope and Jesse's caravan, which they now have a place to park thanks to an accomodating neighbor. There wasn't a lot to paint--it is very tiny after all, so between four people it took very little time at all. It's really cozy and nice in there, and I can't wait until they have it all finished. They will be moving it to its new location next Saturday afternoon/evening, and I'll probably go give them a hand (they'll need som human power to maneuver it around a tight turn or two).

I'm also making a dress. Last week was so hot I recalled why I own a few dresses and skirts--they really work well on sweltering days. But I have very few of them, and I'd like a couple more. The problem is that I rarely find dresses and skirts to buy that a) I like; b) fit me well (I'm a "petite," which means that most mass produced clothes aren't really proportioned well for me; and c) are affordable. I'm sure if I shopped more I'd eventually find some, but I hate shopping for clothes. So I've decided to make a few things myself. It's been ages since I've sewn much to speak of, but it's not hard at all as long as you stick to the patterns labeled "very easy." Those are also usually the most basic and timeless designs, which are the ones I want anyway. So I got a pattern for a pullover jumper and some wild orange plaid fabric that just called out (loudly!) to me from the display rack. I cut the pieces out Sunday and I should be able to sew the whole thing together tonight (once I go buy the fusible interfacing that I forgot the first time).

While searching through my sewing stuff (to see if I had any fusible interfacing left over from a previous project) I found a jacket that I had started (had cut out the pieces, which still had the patterns pinned to them), and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and finish it. I may as well try--I'm not sure why I never finished it to begin with, except that I probably just got busy with something else, put it away and then forgot about it. I'm not sure how much I even like the fabric anymore (it's another plaid--I always go for the plaid). I guess it depends on how I feel after I finish the dress--will I be energized by success or demoralized from failure?


christa said...

ok, you've convinced me to try to sew a skirt.

i have never attempted such a brazen act before, though. i'm slightly scared. (i'll search for 'very easy' patterns, though.)

Lisa B. said...

Very Easy, Very Vogue!

Elastic waist stuff is insanely easy. I also sewes a "waistless" skirt a long time ago that was super easy.

Most pattern companies let you look at the patterns online (the stores give better discounts, though). So you can pick a pattern and I could maybe tell you how easy it really is (actually, Sarah would be way better at that than I would!)

Lisa B. said...

Oh wait, it wasn't "waistless," it was "self-waisted."