Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And again ...

Radio thing. Tonight. 8-10 pm Eastern. 88.7 FM for the few,
for the many.

And it's a double-whammy week: I'll be doing Mondo Mundo this Saturday as well. Smae as above except that it will be 1-3 pm Eastern. I think I'll have a theme this week: Cumbia is Cool. All cumbias, all the time ... or at least for two hours.

It's Mr. Pants' birthday today. He doesn't like cake so I'm making him ... well I won't say just in case he's reading this. (Can you believe he doesn't like cake? Must be because he's a total crackhead or something because NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE CAKE!!)

UPDATE: Mr. Pants says he does like cake and that it must be my other husband who doesn't. At any rate, I made him bread pudding, which he loves.

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Anonymous said...

That's just un-American.