Sunday, July 09, 2006

Better, thanks a lot for asking

The headache that plagued my morning yesterday went away about midday, just in time for my "Cumbia is Cool" radio show (playlist is here). That was the funnest radio show I've done in a while ... a fellow dj who had stoped by the station said--with a slight note of skepticism--"So you're doing and entire show of cumbia?" Hell yeah! I thought it turned out pretty well.

Before the show I had been feeling pooky not only because of the headache, but because it was making me idle--I wanted to get out and do something. So I decided we should just go ride bikes anyway. We biked over to the farmer's market and purchased some fresh local foodstuffs, and then we took a ride down the American Tobacco Trail. I was hoping that an endorphin rush would help the headache go away, but instead I got a headrush--several of them, in fact, and my headache felt a little worse.

At dinner time we decided that pizza from Satisfaction would be good, so be decided to biik on over there. This is actually not as easy as it would seem considering that it's barely a mile from the house, because at a certain point Gregson Street narrows so much that bicyclists are forced right into the traffic lanes. And even though the speed limit there drops down to 25 mph, the cars all seem to be in way to much of a hurry to obey it. So the only safe alternative is to go up on the sidewalk at a cartain point. Then Brightleaf Square offers barely any bicycle parking--there is one teensy little rack at the far end--big enough for three bicycles--and it was full. Fortunately we were able to eat outside at Satisfaction and keep an eye on the bikes, and the hostess said that if we wanted to eat inside we could bring them in with us. That was nice. After dinner I would have liked to take a gander at the offerings in Offbeat Music, but since we had no place to lock our bikes I decided against it.

Despite all the miles of wonderful bike trails, Durham is not a very bicycle-friendly city, in that riding on the streets--trying to use the bike for transportation and not just recreation--is often fraught with peril. Mr. Pants bikes to work many days, and he says there are several places where the only safe choice is to go up on the sidewalk. I'd like to ride more places--for example I need to go to Costco today--but I don't know if there is a safe route. Can I ride across I-85 on that new Duke/Gregson St. bridge? I doubt they made anyprovision at all for bike safety, considering it was built by NCDOT and all they care about is moving cars and trucks as rapidly as possible. I could try Guess Rd. to Broad Street, which is a longer route, but I think it would be a tight squeeze trying to cross I-85 there, too (But hey, there's always the sidewalk, I guess ... but that's such a cop-out). Also, I don't think Costco has any bike racks, and they probably wouldn't let me bring the bike in with me. What a stupid world we've made.

Oh, yeah, and I was able to check out The Omnivore's Dilemma. It has killed my appetite for everything but grass-fed meat and eggs. But otherwise it's a hell of a good book--he demonstrates very powerfully that we have indeed made a very stupid world for ourselves. I wanna go back to my home planet.

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