Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Hot-As-Hell Day!!

Hooray, it's that day when we Americans celebrate something to do with blowing shit up. Or is it shopping? Or maybe it was winning the fight for our right to paaaaaaarty. Whatever. So far I celebrated by sleeping in until 7:30 am and riding my spiffy new bicicleta. The bike ride was sheer heaven--I realized how much I've been missing out on since some crackhead stole my last bike a couple of years ago. It's a complete rush to be whooshing past all the kudzu cathedrals, hearing the birds, getting all hot and then hitting a shady, cool patch ... several times during the ride I thought "Now this is living!"

We rode the American Tobacoo Trail from downtown to its current ending point at Southpointy Crossing shopping center (which is just north of the Streets at Southpointy.) (I'm only calling it Southpointy because Georg does.) The last mile marker I remember seeing was six (although we went farther), so we went at least 12 miles which, after you add another couple of miles getting to and from the trailhead from home comes out to about 14 miles. Not bad for my third bike ride in a couple of years. Turns out there's a way we could have gone farther on a gravel trail that goes to the Chatham County line (the actual line, not the band), but we didn't find that out until on the way back when we ran into someone we knew (fortunately she wasn't hurt, as it is only a figure of speech and as such has soft and squishy edges).

Down around the Woodcroft area the trail is packed. Lots of kids with little training wheel bikes, stroller-joggers, rollerbladers, dog-walkers, dog-joggers (with fat dogs! Argh, people, it's not fair to make a fat dog run like that! Take the weight off and then run with the dog!). It's really cool that lots of people are out using the trail, and I hope it means that people will support massive expansion of the trail system. I'd be willing to pay a bicycle license fee if the money went into expanding the system. The American Tobacco Trail is part of the East Coast Greenway System, which I think is the coolest idea since ... well whatever the last really cool idea was. Could you imagine biking from Maine to Florida? That would be a hell of an interesting vacation.

Anyway, I think the rest of the day should be spent indoors, because the heat index is supposed to hit 103. But maybe I'll go out for food ... I wonder if Bali Hai is open? Or maybe Neo China? Yum, that would rock.

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