Monday, July 03, 2006

i have a blog so I can complain all the time

I took an early break this morning so I could get in a brisk walk before it got too hot ... to no avail. It's asswich hot out there ... very humid, too. Anyway, after the walk I was feeling surprisingly peckish, so I thought I'd drop in to the new coffee kiosk in the history museum across the plaza and get one of their blueberry muffins (as seen here). Last time I had one it was free, so I didn't know how much it cost. So I says to myself, self, how much could they possibly charge for a simple muffin? $1.50? $1.75? I'll carry two bucks with me just in case. Well damn if they're not charging two whole bucks for a stupid muffin. So with tax, I didn't have enough money. So I said "Fck yer fcking muffins you fcking fcks!" Not out loud. But I guess it's a good thing, because muffins are evil little fatpackers. Addictive, too. I don't need that habit. I think I'll go downstairs to the snack bar and get some Cheetos instead ...

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