Monday, July 31, 2006

It was a weekend ....

I need to get a new job that I can ride my bike to. It's so much more fun than driving a car. Plus I've been at this job for six years and I just feel so "been there, done that" about the whole thing.

Speaking of bicycles, I took a big step yesterday and bought a pair of bike shorts. Two reasons: padding in the ass and normal shorts either climb my thighs or bind me in uncomfortable ways while I'm riding. It will be incentive to slim down, because nothing accentuates a huge ass like skin-tight lycra. I better love them because they cost 45 bucks.

In other news we got a big bag o' free homegrown Mississippi tomatoes yesterday from our neighbor's visiting parents, so I decided to make pizza margherita. My crust sucked. I realize that I used too much flour--it was way too dense. Not very tasty, either. Good thing the tomato-y goodness up top completely drowned it out.


Tuco said...

bike shorts rock. You feel funny wearing them in public, especially if you also have the clip in shoes which make you walk funny, but such is life. Your butt will certainly appreciate the padding.
Love the title of your blog. Was just surfing biking blogs and found yours. Try sometime for a canadian commuting blog.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks Tuco--I will check out your blog! And I'm sure I'll learn to love the bike shorts if they do their job.

This isn't really a biking blog (I don't think I have a theme ... I'm not consistent enough to have a theme!), in case you had your hopes up! But thanks for stopping by (and liking the name!)