Monday, July 24, 2006

Mini-review: Amedeo's

About once a year I am obligated to accompany co-workers to Amedeo's (an Italian Restaurant in Raleigh, in case you are blissfully unaware of it's existence). Arggh, I feel like I am being punished. It smells bad in there--like decades of grease have permanently hardened onto the walls and furnishings. The salads are just bowls full of iceberg lettuce chunks with teeny-tiny bits of cabbage and radishes for color. The dressings appear to owe their existence to modern chemistry. And the entrees, well I've never eaten anything there that inspires me to finish my meal. Even the pizza is just meh, and I'm very tolerant of less-than-stellar pizza.

Amedeo's is just gross. I think I'd rather go hungry than eat there.


elsacapuntas said...

what is it with people who have terrible taste in italian food? on of my best friend claims to LOVE italian, and every time i see her we go to have the worst italian food i've eaten in months. people, learn about al dente, for god's sake!

Lisa B. said...


mmmm said...

I've had some pretty bad Italian food in my lifetime, but Amedeo's (I was taken there on a date by my now-partner...luckily, I already loved him) has got to be the worst I've ever had.

I don't eat Italian out very often. It generally violates my rule #1: If I can make it better at home, I'm not going to pay for it. So someone has to convince me that I'm going for REALLY good Italian food...which Amedeo's is most certainly NOT.

My Italian mother (and father, and grandparents) would be oh-so-proud.