Sunday, July 16, 2006

Oh what a beautiful ... something or other

Yeah, so I saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest last night. Wanna know what I thought? I knew you would. Here goes: "Pirates of the Crapibbean: Deadly Dull." It was a gawdawful mess of a movie, and completely boring to boot. Oh yeah, and stupid too. Sometimes it didn't even make much sense, and then when it did it was worse than when it didn't. And the three leads e-mailed in their performances--one could easily have mistaken it for a zombie movie for all the life they gave their characters. The things that made the first one great--a three-musketeers-like chemistry between the leads, snappy dialog, scenery-shredding by Johnny Depp--were completely missing here. When any two of the three leads found themselves in the same scene, it was like "Oh, hullo you ... you're in this mess too? Wake me up when we're done shooting this." Then the whole thing ended with the return of a character--oh, don't worry, this is not a spoiler because I'm not even sure who the character was, except that I think he was in the first P of the C movie ... or the second ... or both, I dunno. All I know is that at the very end of the movie, they left us in a cliffhanger, and I though "Wait a minute, what just happened?" immediately followed by "Oh who gives a fuck. The movie's over. I'm free! I'm free!"

Then today it was almost a Durham blogger-palooza when Christa, Sarah, Georg and I converged upon Plant Delights Nursery and Juniper Level Botanical Gardens open house. It's a pretty nifty place and, whadda'ya know, they have a lot of plants there. A lot. Very expensive ones. But they also let folks traipse through the place ooh-ing and ahh-ing several times a year for free, so if they want to charge $35 for a hosta I'm not going to stop them. They had some very hostariffic hostas, I must say. One of the highlights was when one of the nursery dudes (a very cute one, BTW) said to Sarah "I like your style. It reminds me of a John Waters movie." Oh yeah, and then there was when Sarah asked this guy we were talking to if she could take his picture and he said yes, but then he let out a startled yell when she whipped out her giganto lens and put it a foot from his face. Good times.

Anyway, it was all fun and games until Pants dropped her camera in the parking lot right before entering the Pantsmobile for the ride home, and didn't even know it ... Fortunately I wanted to take a photo at the store a short distance from the shebang and d'oh! No camera! Fortunately said camera was found again before having been run over by a luxury SUV and all was well again. Although Christa did point out that it would have been a great excuse to get a brand-new camera ...

Oh, and I must mention food. I made food today, and it was all good! I made a peach thingie ... I don't know if it would be properly called a cobbler, but I sliced up peaches, topped them with a mixture of butter, oats and brown sugar and then baked it. It was yummy. And I fried up a mess o' potatoes (from the farmer's market) with various spices--also yummy. But best of all, I roasted some eggplant with green peppers (also farmer's market products) and it was pretty damn good as well. The problem is that all this cooking is also a pain in the ass. It requires lots of peeling and chopping and whatnot, and I just don't think it's all that fun. No, watching Arrested Development is fun. Riding my bike is fun. Playing with dogs is fun. Taking photos is fun. Chopping fresh, local foodstuffs is work. See, that's the little catch in the whole "slow food" thing: not everyone wants to spend hours futzing with that stuff. I just want to go out and play.


Seth said...

Indeed. Never trust a Johnny Dep film. I wanted to shoot myself when someone made me watch "Nick of Time"

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, that was a really bad one. I thought maybe he only did it to pay some bills. But I liked the first Pirates of the Caribbean--it was silly but fun. This one was just stupid.