Thursday, July 13, 2006


I had a blast last night at the Ozomatli show. We sat with XDUers Georg, Sarah and Christiane, and met up with a few others ... in fact, Georg beat me to blogging it so go read his account because I say "word" to what he wrote. I will add a comment Christiane made that I think summed up the show well: "They play every song as if it were their last one." They put out so much energy that evenn though I was drenched with sweat from dancing my ass off in the 90 degree crazy humid heat, I kept hoping that they would just keep playing.

Early in the evening I took a snippet of video (it's very short because I decided I was more interested in dancing than documenting):

And then later, during the finale, I took another one (but you can't see much because it's so dark):

Here are a few more pix I took over the course of the evening:
georg & sarah'xduersozomatli!ozomatli!

In other news, before the show, I made zucchini bread. I though it turned out really well. It was pretty, too:
zucchini bread


georg said...

glad to see that you got the mad dance skillz of the horn section captured on video

Caryn said...

great clips -- and tasty-looking zucchini bread. yum!