Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who kicked my dog?

Things are too busy lately--at work and in real life. I'm now teaching three dog classes a week because so many people wanted to take my flyball class that we had to split it into two classes (plus the puppy class I teach). So now there are three nights of my week gone to the dogs. I'm feeling slightly stretched thin, so I was very happy when last night's classes were canceled because it was just too hot to be outside running around with dogs. But instead of relaxing, I got to take my little dog to the vet.

I have no idea what happened, but sometime between the morning and when I arrived home from work in the afternoon, Lucy hurt her right side ... we think. She was acting normally when I left for work, and when I got home she was acting like just walking across the room was painful. She didn't seem to want to move--either to sit, lie down or stand back up again, and she was hunching her back just a little when she walked. So I took her to the vet--who could only determine that Lucy had a painful spot near one of her ribs on the right side. The X-rays didn't show any problems with ribs or organs, and the blood tests showed normal organ functions. So the vet gave Lucy a shot of Dexamethasone for pain, and sent some Prednisone home for me to give her.

This just made my week a little less busy because I really shouldn't run Lucy in the flyball tournament we were going to got to in Philadelphia this weekend. Which means I probably won't be spending Friday in a van with two teammates on our way north (although I'm still considering just going for the hell of it--I wouldn't if it were just me driving, but a road trip could be fun). Nonetheless, I still feel stressed, perhaps because I have no idea what happened to Lucy to make her side hurt, and I'm hoping it's not a sign of something worse.

Stress makes me tired, so maybe I'll go to bed now.


Esther said...

Aw man, poor Lucy! I'll be thinking quick healing thoughts for her.

Sarah said...

Poor Lucy, I hope she feels better very soon!

r4kk4 said...

poor lucy!! get better soon, pups!!