Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At last we meet, Mr Phelps!

Thanks to my stat counter, I know that many of the people who trip and fall into this little blog are lured here because they are searching for "call Mr. Phelps" or the phone number "1-800-377-7789." Because of this post, I am the top Google search result for both of those search strings. Well today one of the many anoymouses (that doesn't look right--would it be anonymi?) who commented previously posted a web addy for the CMI group that lets us see the Phelps character who is disturbing our lives:

Randy Phelps
Director of Call Center Operations

Randy Phelps has recently joined CMI as the Director of Call Center Operations and is responsible for all aspects of collections and call center operations. Mr. Phelps has fourteen years operations and business management experience, with over 12 years in a call center and/or collections environment. Randy has designed, implemented, and managed numerous call center initiatives for a variety of industries including, but not limited to Banking, Telecom, Utilities, Medical, Technical and the Federal Government. As a result of Randy’s unique and proven techniques, he has been the recipient of numerous leadership awards in the call center and collections industry.

Ahh, so it really is a collections agency bugging the crap out of us. But we don't owe anyone any money--my days of not answering the phone becaused I knew they were after me are long past (now I don't answer just because I don't feel like it.) Why are they calling us? The knowledge that they are probably looking for someone else combined with seeing how non-threatening our Mr. Phelps really is (I could take him in a fight) inspired me to go ahead and give give a callback just to shoot the shit. Had I recorded the call it would have gone something like this:
brrring brrring!
Phone Answering lady: "Hello" (or something ... I really don't remember how she answered except that it in no way identified her company).
Me: May I speak to Mr. Phelps?
PAL: He's not available. May I have the number that he called you at? (Or maybe she didn't end the sentence with a preposition ... but it really is the easiest way to phrase such a question. I don't know why it's illegal.)
Me: (pause while I decide what the hell) 919-XXX-XXXX.
PAL: Shandra X?
Me: There is no Shandra at that number.
PAL: How about Taquita Y?
Me: No, there's no Taquita, either.
PAL: OK, then, we will remove this number from our records.
Me: Thank you.
PAL: Have a nice day (or something suitably pleasantry-like).
Me: You too, 'bye. *click*

So there--that's what you do: tell 'em you don't know Shandra and Taquita. Unless they're calling for you, in which case maybe you shouldn't answer the phone.


Anonymous said...

yea my fiance just received a call like this too. thanks for the info although we don't owe anything either. sounds like another telemarketing scheme like Omega Direct at Canada where the number 647-288-7559 calls me from once a day to twice a day after i registered my information at a local Brake Check for checking out my car for repairs. The DoNotCall Registry can't do anything beyond national borders about telemarketers.

Anonymous said...

Victims of Randy Phelps UNITE!!! I say SPAM THE JERK!!! Someone else was kind enough to locate his e-mail address for the rest of us:


Well attack back at this phone-spamming tyrant by spamming the hell out of his e-mail address! Sign him up for every annoying, nasty e-mail list and website you can find. Also, here is the rest of his work contact info:

The CMI Group
4200 International Parkway
Carrollton, TX 75007

Phone: 1-800-377-7713
Fax: 1-800-377-7715

Be creative and enjoy!

Lisa B. said...

Thanks, anonymous!

Anonymous said...

The CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors for the CMI Group is
Thomas A. Stockton. If one uses deduction his email should be tstockton@thecmigroup.com , maybe he would like to here back from all of you that his company called??? Or, maybe just phone in and ask for him by name and let him know how much you enjoyed the phone call from his state of the art, VOIP, EnsemblePro 5.2 automated calling system, that calls you from the 800-377-7789 number.

Anonymous said...

Now that I have Vonage, I can email him the voice messages he has been leaving me... in convenient .wav format. He only calls 3 times a day!!! Thanks for the email addresses!!

Lisa B. said...

Awesome idea!!

Carla said...

Just started receiving calls from these idiots at work. Not calling about me, but the company is a small franchisee of a national restaurant chain, and we get calls like this all the time that are meant for the national headquarters. So who knows what they are calling about, but they won't tell me, and I'm not about to give out the number to the national HQ until they explain what they are calling about (hey it may be one of our employees or whatever, JUST TELL ME DIMWITS!!) Anyway, in the spirit of your ideas, anytime you can find someone's address, but not their local number, just do a reverse address look-up on whitepages.com (God bless 'em!). I strongly suggest signing up hither-and-yon for every single "do you want us to call you or e-mail you", request a phone call, during weekday work hours of course, and give them the name "Randy Phelps" (or "Tom Stockton") and CMI's LOCAL number 972-862-4200. They don't E-MAIL me, they CALL me, and I think they should be repaid in kind.
Just MHO . . . lol.

Lisa B. said...

Oh, that would be funny. I'm too lazy to actually DO it, of course, but it would indeed be funny!

Ben said...

We just got a new phone number less than a month ago, and keep getting calls for the deadbeat who had the number previously..

I was getting these calls every day, and I hate checking my answering machine.. Googled and found this site, found out who the calls were coming from, and went to their website.

I called 1-800-377-7723, pressed 1 for english, pressed 9 for an operator, got right through.

Gave them my number, they asked if I was "Tony" .. I said no, and they said they would remove my number.. We'll see what happens..

Fred Charles said...

I called 1-800-377-7723, pressed 9 for an operator, got right through after receiving the "may be recorded" message.

Gave her my number, she asked if I knew "Maria Perez" .. I said no, and she said they would remove my number from the call list....

Anonymous said...

I finally called back, as they kept calling my BUSINESS cell phone. They asekd for my number. They were looking for a Warren X. I dont know anyone named Warren. They said it was removed. But why not leave me a message and I would have called back a long time ago... or listen to my voice mail that says my name!!!

Lisa B. said...

Because they're assholes?

Anonymous said...

I reported them to the Better Business Bureau. Maybe if we all did that...they would at least ask them questions. This is so ridiculous!! Has anyone been able to get them to stop?

Anonymous said...

How to get rid of Mr. Phelps?
Sue him...

Anonymous said...

Sue that bastard

Anonymous said...

Yes - I just called 1-800-377-7713
and asked for the collections departmant. After I told them to take me off their call list they asked me the same questions (are you Mrs. Smith) and I said "no" and they then took me off the list. It's a pain in the ass, but at least after that one call you can get rid of them.

Joseph said...

I used to get phone calls too, I called and they told me they took me off their list. I havent received a call in 5 months and then all of the sudden they are calling again... this is BS

Ticked off in Texas said...

One call does not get rid of them. After returning from an out of town trip I had 17 recored messages telling me to call the Phelps skin head. I call and after a short discussion they said they were sorry and would remove my phone number. I no sooner hung up and yes another call. I called back and they said it would take 24-48 hours to have them quit calling. I told them that was unacceptable. Since I first called I have received 10 more calls from the skin heads people. I really got nasty with them, but that did not help either. I called again and asked for MR. PHELPS. They said he does not take phone calls. I said I would not like to listen to anymore recored messages either. I then demanded to talk to him or I threatened to come to their office and camp out and just wait for him. I figured it would be less stressful then staying home and listen to the recored messages. I am glad I know what he looks like. I only live 3 hours from Dallas. I just might camp out and wait for him to go to lunch and sit with him and have a man to man conversation. I am sure I could piss him off enough to have him take a swing at me in public. I then could defend myself against the hairless WEASLE. I really like the idea of signing him up for all kinds of goodies on the web and also all the junk mail I get. I will respond with his name and the address of CMI which is 4200 International Parkway, Carrollton, Texas 75007. The other idea I have is if they dare call tomorrow I will call back and everytime someone answers I have a c02 air horn and just blast the bastards ears. I think it is gross misuse of the phone system. It is way beyond harassment. So I say anything goes. I did submit a complaint with the FTC and the Better Busniess Bureau. That can be done on line. I also called The Texas Attorney General Office and submitted a complaint. I also called the Carrollton Police Department and filed a Harassment claim. As of 8:00 tonight they have quit calling. Thank God. They have called me a total of 27 Times. Now that is just not right. The Idiot should be fired, Tar and Feathered and run out of town. Just to start with. Lets all unite to get this BASTARD.