Monday, August 28, 2006

Aventuras en musica

I've been too busy all day to share yesterday's adventures. I honestly still can't believe how incredibly fun it was: Santa Salsera had two backstage passes to La Ley's Third Anniversary, and she wanted to take someone who would be really into the whole thing ... so of course I came to mind! Her role there was as "journalist," but I was essentially a total freeloader, soaking up the music (and even a free meal) courtesy of that radio station I listen to when WXDU is out of range and WUNC has some gawdawful call-in show, anything featuring Dick Gordon, non-stop pledge-rapping ... or even sometimes if they say the president's name one too many times. So to repay my host's generosity I will say this: next year, when La Ley's fourth anniversary comes around, go to the show! It'll set ya back about $20 and you have to schlep all the way out to the amphitheatre formerly known as Walnut Creek and now named after a crappy cell phone company, but it will be way worth it, even if you don't have backstage passes.

Just look at Beto y Sus Canarios:

And Conjunto Matador, plus some chick who just walked onstage and started dancing behind the band (their manager told the stage crew to let her stay ... maybe she knew them because she was standing around with them backstage after their set):

Plus you can get your photo taken with the band ... will Franz Ferdinand or whoever are this year's little darlings let you do that? Headliners Beto Y Sus Canarios will:

lisa y sus canarios

Here are an assortment of other photos from the day ... I'll probably upload a few more tomorrow when I have a little more time (I'm working on a super-secret DIY project right now):

representaccordiondrumthe accordion makes the girls go blurryfans

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