Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Because it beats being bored ...

The cool thing about memes is that they save you from having to think of anything interesting to say, or from bringing everyone down with your evil, poisonous thoughts, which is what I would be doing if it weren't for this meme. So I'll just copy Georg and the-secret-blogger-to-whom-I-can't-link-because-his-blog-is-a secret and do the metro meme, i.e, how many metros in the world have I ridden? Not as many exotic metros as others, mostly because the places I travel don't seem to have them ... (and the Quito Teleferiqo doesn't count, although it's way cool nonetheless):

Got at b3co.com!

To spell it out: Santiago, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Montreal, Atlanta and Cleveland. Yeah that's right, Cleveland, beeyotches.


htrouser said...

Man, do I love mass transit. Love, love, love.

MARTA's trains are excellent, but its bus system blows. There are ads right now advertising the fact that buses in Atlanta run every 30 minutes, peak time. That's not really something I'd think they would want to publicize.

That secret blogger dude sounds cool.

Lisa B. said...

The secret blogger dude rawks!

I love, love, love mass transit too, which is why I'm in an ever-incresing bad mood over the fact that the train system I thought was going to be built when I moved to this area has been dee-sixed. I was so seriously in love with CTA when I lived there--even the bus service was great in Chicago.