Friday, August 18, 2006


Well if you aren't now you will be after this video I made ... it's OK, I won't be offended if you skip it.


r4kk4 said...

i love that video!

i, too, enjoy taking the hwy system when i can. i esp love all the hwys in texas from austin leading to arkansas. (i hate the interstate in tx. it's always clogged but the hwys are virtually traffic free!)

also, i love how your radio stations kept changing. heh heh!

blogclogged said...

I'm not bored, there is always PLENTY to do. Yet, I found your video compelling enough to sit through--and enjoy. Bizarre! Perhaps it was your no expectations soft-sell approach?

The music provided perfect accompanyment to your dialogue. It intrigued me not to see any humans (not even you), and to capture the trip from your perspective.

P.S. Was your dog unconscious the entire trip? (It went undetected until the walk at the end.)

Lisa B. said...

blogclogged, if you thought that video was compelling, I worry about you! But thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Lucy, the dog, was in her little dog crate in the back seat. She's always very quiet--sometimes she sleeps, sometimes she sits up and looks out the window. She's accostomed to the whole long car ride thing because we're always traveling.