Sunday, August 13, 2006

How can you miss me if I won't go away?

I'm home again from the flyball tournament ... although if I'm able to blog while I'm gone thanks to hotel wi-fi, then I've been here all along, right? Anyway, I got out of Blacksburg around 4 pm, which gave me just enough time to take a scenic route and be home before dark. I definitely wanted to drive Route 8 again, so that's how I got from Christiansburg to Stuart, VA. It's just a really gorgeous bit of road. Apparently it's quite popular among motorcyclists, who like to gather at the tiny hamlet of Tuggle's Gap, where Route 8 meets up with the Blue Ridge Parkway. A few of them had the misfortune of pulling out behind me--I'm sure they wanted to go faster than I was willing to drive. It's really a twisty, potentially dangerous road and not only did I not want to go careening off the side, but the point of taking a scenic route is to see stuff--you can't do that if you're driving too fast.

From Route 8 I got on US 58 east to Martinsvile, where I picked up 220 south Ridgeway, VA. Then I picked up NC 87 to Burlington, where I got on US 70 all the way to Durham. Up until now Burlington was just a few signs of I-85 to me--I had never bothered to stop there because I had no reason. Holy crap--Burlington is like the land that time forgot. I suppose it's sort of sad--the place was dependent on the textile and furniture manufacturing industries, both of which have sent most of their operations overseas over the past 20 years. So the last heyday of Burlington was obviously between the 1950s and '70s, judging from what I saw along 87 and 70. But the cool thing about such a place hitting the skids is that the old stuff hasn't been demolished to make room for hideous new development because maybe there is no new development ... I mean, what happens in Burlington these days? So anyway, it looked so completely cool to me. Mr. Pants and I have already talked about taking a Sunday and running around Burlington with our cameras.

Speaking of cameras, Mr. Pants just got a new digital SLR. I hope it doesn't ruin him. I've seen so many people on Flickr who have had their spontaneity ruined once they got an SLR. All of a sudden they get really serious because they feel they have to justify all the money they spent on the camera by cranking out Art With a Capital A. Suddenly their photos become boring as hell. Bleah. I told him I'm filing for divorce if it happens to him.


Elizabeth said...

Yay for the BNC! You got the good end of Burlington -- going west on 70 from where 87 comes in is all getting developed at a fast pace. My end (Eastside) is exactly what you described. Every time we go out to eat at one of the millions of local diners, it's us and the senior citizens. You got a little taste of the Alamance Latino explosion on that route too. You were very close to my little village -- if you come back, I'll whip up a very quick guidebook if you're interested.

Lisa B. said...

Hey, maybe when we make our photo trek we can meet you for lunch!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a plan.s