Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Meeeaaat caaaaake!

That's right, I said MEAT CAKE!(Thanks again, Consumerist.)

(This reminds me that I've always thought it would be fun to make liver cupcakes with Cheez Whiz icing for a doggie birthday party ... but I'm not enough of a crazy dog lady to actually throw my dog a birthday party, so it reamains just a cool concept at this point.)


Seth said...

Hey, my parents and I celebrate our dog's birthday every year. One year one of my mom's friends made a cake that looked like the dog (a chow) sitting on it's haunches complete with wagging blue fruit roll up tongue. Yeah, we're sick people. The wierd part was cutting it. Creeped me out.

Lisa B. said...

Crazy dog people!!!

I actually think it's sweet that people celebrate their dog's birthdays, I'm just not big on remembering birthday's well enough to plan ahead. Mr. pants will attest to that (he's be mighty offended if I remembered the dogs' birthdays and not his!)