Friday, August 11, 2006

OK, I lied

You do have me to kick around, because I have wi-fi in my hotel. Most of the places I stay don't have wi-fi because people who travel with dogs can't be choosers--And I usually end up staying in a Days Inn (usually really awful) or a Red Roof Inn (usually OK but not great). I'm in a Ramada Limited, and it's OK in a run-of-the-mill hotel/motel kinda way ... but, hey, wi-fi!

I've had a fabulous day, not that you asked. I though I would be in a class all day for work and thus unable to leave for Blacksburg until five-ish, but the class ended at noon. So I was able to get on the road with plenty of daylight to burn, which meant I felt free to take the scenic route, avoiding all interstate highways. It was an amazing drive. I started by taking US 501 north to Roxboro, where I picked up US 158 west to Yanceyville. From there I took NC 86 north to Danville, VA, picking up US 58 west. I stayed on that all the way to the tiny town of Stuart, VA, where I picked up VA 8 to Christiansburg. That was by far the coolest highway I've driven in ... well I don't know how long. It's all mountainy twists and turns and very heavily wooded most of the way, so in today's damp mistiness it was like driving a winding road through an enchanted forest. I definitely will take that route when I go home. I took some videos during my drive and I'll upload them later. I should do it here--the Ramada's wi-fi is a faster connection that we get at home.

So we got to Blacksburg in plenty of time to do some walking around. Lucy was glad to get out and go for a walk after the drive (which took somewhere like 4.5 hours). We walked around downtown a bit, past my old apartment on College Ave. (now gone condo) and through a small part of the campus. Then I took her down to the Duck Pond because she loves chasing ducks, and no one was around so I let her off the leash. She chased a lot of ducks and had a grand old time, but she also decided to roll in some duck poop:

I cleaned her off. I don't mind--she really has a good time rolling in stinky things, so I let her do it as a reward for being such a good girl the rest of the time.

So now I'm tired, and I need to get some shut-eye because I've got a loud day of flyball ahead of me.

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