Friday, September 29, 2006

Still nothing nice to say ....

I should just declare a hiatus and say I'll be back to blog when I deamn well feel like it, because I'm just not feeling it. Except that I would like to share with you one reason I won't be in a hurry to get a new cat when Battlecat snuffs it: This morning I decided that even though it was going to be a bit chilly today (highs in the low '70s) I wasn't ready to admit defeat and stop wearing my cute little open-toe slip-ons. I'd force it and wear them one more day, even if it meant running the clandestine space heater under my desk. So I slipped my right foot in the appropriate shoe ... to discover my foot had been slimed. By cat barf. Fresh cat barf. What can you do in such a situation but yell out "goddamn" ?!?!?! I did that, and then cleaned the shoe.

I'll be back.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Take your crisp, autumn days and stick 'em in a sack!

Everyone gets so excited about the crisp, cool days of autumn (of which we've had a few, although it's supposed to be a bit toasty this weekend. Not me). I get depressed. Shit, another summer gone and I have to put on socks.

Anyway, I think my radio show was actually a bit more than half decent last night. See for yourself.

I have a flyball tournament this weekend, and you're invited. Saturday and Sunday, racing atarts at 8 am (maybe 8:30 on Sunday) and lasts until we're done racing (probably 6-ish on Saturday and I hope no later than 3 or so on Sunday. NC State Fairgrounds, Holshouser Building. Expect lots of loud barking, and some noise from the dogs as well.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Move it, shake it, bring it around ....

Consider yourself warned: I will be on the radio this evening from 8-10 PM (eastern), 88.7 here, there. I don't know what I'm going to play, but right this very minute I am stuck like super glue on the new Delinquent Habits album, which includes not one but two (TWO!) songs featuring Ozomatli, one of which has a cool as shit "Zorba The Greek" horn riff. (Alas ... did they just say "Funk up the party" or something else? Shit, I can't tell.)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

... and I'm all, like, "whatever" ...

I have been so remiss in my blogging duties lately ... in fact every aspect of my life is suffering because I'm having a severe bout of who-really-gives-a-crapitis. Any opinions, observations, etc. that enter my mind exit very quickly. Except for one, and it's been bugging me for weeks: Do most people's hips generally lie, and are Shakira's unique in being so truthful? I must admit I've never questioned the veracity of my hips before. Is that advised?

Friday, September 15, 2006

The lazy blogger stops by for a word ...

Shocked, is the word ... as in I am shocked, shocked! to learn that there are apparently some nasty little racist assholes infesting the Duke campus. Maybe the school will start some sort of "sensitivity raining." I've always wondered what exactly happens in sensitivity training classes ... seems to me it would necessarily involve copiuous amounts of slapping the shit out of people.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Hullo, I'm a bad blogger, neglecting all three of my readers. Had some dog-related adventures over the weekend and I talked about them here and here in case you're interested.

I'm mad at Blogger, because they've enticed me to arse up my blogs by transferring them to "Blogger beta." See, they promised some spiffy new functionality, but what they didn't say beforehand is "Oh, by the way, this will break any hacks you happen to be using, make it so that you cannot comment in a Blogger non-beta blog using your Blogger beta ID, make it so that Blogger non-beta users can no longer comment on your blog using their non-beta Blogger ID and also, even though we're owned by Google we can't seem to figure out how to make Google Ad Sense work with out new product. And the new functionality we enticed you with isn't quite as functional as one would hope because hey, it's beta! But you should "upgrade" anyway, sucker!" Bastards.

But, I'm planning to completely recombobulate (I know that's probably not a real word) this here blog using their layouts because a) It's ugly. I've always thought so but I'm too lazy to do anything about it because it would mean expanding my meager knowledge of CSS; and b) I've got to get rid of my Blogrolling blogroll because I forgot my Blogrolling password and the e-mail addy I used to sign up is no longer functional. So I'm going to ditch it. There are lots of blogs over there I no longer read, and lots I do read that aren't there, and I want to make it reflect reality a little better.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Treemo: it's live

So Treemo, that site I was alpha or beta or whatever testing is live now. So you can go anytime you want and see my strange media collection, including the ever-popular "Hot Dog On A Stick" and "Dude Was Eatin' Kudzu." maybe you're thinking "Why on earth would we want to do that?" Because I said, that's why. You can also sign up for your own account and post your own video and audio and crap, or add witty and pithy comments to mine. Wouldn't that be lovely?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Super bueno ...

Regular readers, all three of you, have probably been on pins and needles all weekend, wondering: "The shoes? How did the shoes work out?" Well I'm pleased to say that, except for the lack of waterproofing (I sprayed 'em with an alleged waterproofing substance but my feet still got all dewy in the mornings), the Saucony shoes are by far the best agility shoes I've tried so far. Usually my feet are dying after a three-day agility weekend, but they didn't hurt at all. I also got great traction even on damp grass in the morning. I was wise enough to have a change of socks handy so that after the dew dried I could have dry feet again as well.

If you're really interested in my dog agility weekend I'll post more in by dog blog later, but you can watch a little bit (our gamblers run) here:

And in other news, I made a little tribute to my boy Steve Irwin:

Friday, September 01, 2006

Hola, Ernesto

I'm very happy for the rain. It's too late to save my plants, however. My poor rhubarb bit the dust about a week ago. But the weeds that have taken over my front garden were starting to look a little peaked, so perhaps now they will be lush and green again.

I've got a big agility weekend planned--three days of it. Saturday I'm entered in a team event with a friend, and we decided we needed spiffy team shirts, So I made some with stencils and fabric paint. They ended up looking pretty dang cool, if I may be immodest:

I also bought a pair of new shoes (no photo available), because I've decided having two pairs of available shoes is a must at all agility trials. I've yet to find the perfect agility shoes, but in my quest I keep trying new ones. This time I bought Sauconys because I've heard good things about them from other agility folks. If they suck I'll fall back to the Nikes I bought in May (they're OK, but they still occasionally rub blisters on my heels, which is not OK.)

But you don't give a crap about my stupid shoes, do you? Too bad that's all I have to talk about. Maybe something interesting will happen over the weekend.