Friday, September 01, 2006

Hola, Ernesto

I'm very happy for the rain. It's too late to save my plants, however. My poor rhubarb bit the dust about a week ago. But the weeds that have taken over my front garden were starting to look a little peaked, so perhaps now they will be lush and green again.

I've got a big agility weekend planned--three days of it. Saturday I'm entered in a team event with a friend, and we decided we needed spiffy team shirts, So I made some with stencils and fabric paint. They ended up looking pretty dang cool, if I may be immodest:

I also bought a pair of new shoes (no photo available), because I've decided having two pairs of available shoes is a must at all agility trials. I've yet to find the perfect agility shoes, but in my quest I keep trying new ones. This time I bought Sauconys because I've heard good things about them from other agility folks. If they suck I'll fall back to the Nikes I bought in May (they're OK, but they still occasionally rub blisters on my heels, which is not OK.)

But you don't give a crap about my stupid shoes, do you? Too bad that's all I have to talk about. Maybe something interesting will happen over the weekend.


r4kk4 said...

i continue to love those shirts!!

and i also give a crap about shoes. have you ever tried sketchers (specifically the running/jogging shoes)? i get blisters and such *really* easily and i find that skechers, in addition to being supportive in the right spots, don't give me blisters.

it's a foot miracle.

Lisa B. said...

I needs big traction in my shoes for running around on grass, and I've yet to see a Sketchers show that has the kind of sole I'm looking for. They make some cool-looking shoes, though