Friday, September 29, 2006

Still nothing nice to say ....

I should just declare a hiatus and say I'll be back to blog when I deamn well feel like it, because I'm just not feeling it. Except that I would like to share with you one reason I won't be in a hurry to get a new cat when Battlecat snuffs it: This morning I decided that even though it was going to be a bit chilly today (highs in the low '70s) I wasn't ready to admit defeat and stop wearing my cute little open-toe slip-ons. I'd force it and wear them one more day, even if it meant running the clandestine space heater under my desk. So I slipped my right foot in the appropriate shoe ... to discover my foot had been slimed. By cat barf. Fresh cat barf. What can you do in such a situation but yell out "goddamn" ?!?!?! I did that, and then cleaned the shoe.

I'll be back.

1 comment:

elsacapuntas said...

you know, they totally do this sort of thing on purpose.

kitty brain: "oh god, i'm going to vomit...but not before i find a place to do it that will get me noticed."