Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Super bueno ...

Regular readers, all three of you, have probably been on pins and needles all weekend, wondering: "The shoes? How did the shoes work out?" Well I'm pleased to say that, except for the lack of waterproofing (I sprayed 'em with an alleged waterproofing substance but my feet still got all dewy in the mornings), the Saucony shoes are by far the best agility shoes I've tried so far. Usually my feet are dying after a three-day agility weekend, but they didn't hurt at all. I also got great traction even on damp grass in the morning. I was wise enough to have a change of socks handy so that after the dew dried I could have dry feet again as well.

If you're really interested in my dog agility weekend I'll post more in by dog blog later, but you can watch a little bit (our gamblers run) here:

And in other news, I made a little tribute to my boy Steve Irwin:

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kris said...

hooray!!! i'm so glad that you found some good shoes!!

so sad about steve irwin.