Thursday, October 26, 2006


I want to dress up as something for Halloween but I'm too lazy to come up with a costume. What can I be?


htrouser said...


Lisa B. said...

That's a lovely idea! But I'm not sure how to translate it into a costume ... drape 10 percent of my body in bling and the remaining 90% in rags? Or maybe put a gigantic tiara on my head that slowly crushes the rest of my body, which struggles mightily to support it?

Seth said...

I'm going as Bob the Builder. My mom's taking her public radio tote bag and a Black's Law Dictionary and going as NPR's Nina Totenberg.

One of my favorites: dress in regular clothes get a piece of cardboard and attach it to a wood plank. Write on the cardboard "Nudists Local 1005 on Strike!" and picket at your party.

Lastly I always wanted to get a shirt and use an Iron On that says "Go Ceilings!" (Ceiling Fan)

Lisa B. said...

Hey, that ceiling fan idea sounds pretty good!

Nina Totenburg is brilliant!! Bob the Builder is really good, too, but not for someone as lazy as I am!

Anonymous said...

Little Edie


elsacapuntas said...

i personally got a lot of enjoyment out of this post on deadspin (gawker sport's blog) and the various costume ideas, many of which are sports-related:

i'm thinking of going as spinach. SCARY.

Lisa B. said...

Little Edie would be easy--fur coat and a headscarf. I'd have to find a fur coat ... (my mom has a racoon coat ... but it's 3-1/2 hourse away)

OMG, elsa, my favorite was Gaybraham Lincoln--Lincoln hat & beard with assles chaps!! Too funny.

r4kk4 said...

jack horkheimer!!

but wear a shirt underneath your sweater that says "star hustler" in case you get too warm and need to remove part of the costume.

Lisa B. said...

Good thing you posted that link because I had no idea who jack horkheimer is. Seriously.